Menards Construction did a fantastic job both in the design and construction of this cozy cottage.

One thousand square feet are efficiently used, making the cottage feel bigger than it is.

Here’s what you can expect when you visit

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Almost a quarter-mile of gravel drive gets you set apart from the road and surrounding homes. The view from the windows is almost exclusively trees, with the occasional family of deer wandering through.

Living Spaces

Hidden Pines is a comfortable place to kick off your shoes and relax. The open living space is great for spending time together. Lots of windows let in the natural light. When it’s not an extra bedroom, the barn-doored space is an extension of the living area. Coffee bar provides a quick and easy cup of joe.


Two dedicated bedrooms, a third, barn-doored, bedroom which doubles as an entertainment space, plus two full bathrooms make this a great place to stay for couples, families, and anyone who just wants to get away to a comfortable, quiet, space for a break (or to work/study without distractions).